California Sushi Roll


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  • add   2 cups Freshly Prepared Sushi Rice
  • add   Nori Seaweed, toasted sheets
  • add   Crab meat, cut in pieces
  • add   Avocado, peeled and cut in fine pieces
  • add   Radish Sprouts
  • add   Cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut in fine strips
  • add   Sesame seeds, toasted


  1. Cut nori sheet in half and place it on bamboo mat, shiny side down. Dampen your fingers in water. Spread a thin layer of sushi rice over the seaweed, do not cover completely. Leave a 1-inch margin at the ends uncovered to seal the roll.
  2. Lay crabmeat, avocado and cucumber lengthwise. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  3. To roll; slowly fold the end of the mat closest to you over the filling and tuck it in.
  4. Use medium pressure to create compact tube. Remove the mat from around the roll, press in the loose ends and place it on a cutting board, seam side down.
  5. Using a wet, sharp knife, slice the roll in half then in 6 equal pieces.
  6. Serve with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.
  7. Variation:
  8. Inside-out California Roll - Lay down bamboo mat and plastic wrap. Place rice in a flat layer across plastic before laying down nori. Place crab , avocado, shredded cucumber and radish sprouts in the center of the nori and roll in same fashion. Rice will be showing on the outside.

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cordliz 02:31, 06 Oct 2011

You dont explain how you got the orange outside coating you have in the pic.

ChefsugNote From The Chef

louraa 18:27, 19 Mar 2008

Cooks Notes: Bamboo sushi-roll mat Clean cutting board Sushi knife or very sharp knife A pack of roasted-seaweed (Nori) Wood spoon or wood or plastic rice paddle for spreading rice Plastic wrap

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